How To Make This Basket Shelf

Another Pinterest inspired DIY. I saw this basket shelf in a nursery on Pinterest and thought it would be a great addition to River’s room! It’s quite easy to make if you know how to use basic tools such as a drill, so don’t be scared to try this. I’ve listed all the steps on how to make this basket shelf below, as well as the materials you need. Happy DIYing!


• 2 pieces of wood 110cm x 4cm x 1.8cm (legs)

• 2 pieces of wood 40cm x 4cm x 1.8cm (feet)

• 6 dowel 40cm x 1.9cm

• 3 baskets 35cm x 30cm x 16cm

• Jute Rope

• 2 screws


• Drill

• Drill bit for screws

• 19mm spade bit

• Pencil

• Measuring tape


  1. First, you want to measure your baskets from top corner to the other bottom corner. This will indicate the space you need to leave in between each basket/space between each piece of dowel connecting the legs. DIY Basket Shelf
  2. On each of your legs, set your first mark 5cm from the top of both planks. This is where your first dowel will go.DIY Basket Shelf
  3. With the measurements you took in step 1 (the diagonal of your basket), set your second, third and fourth mark along the legs for the holes where the dowel will go.DIY Basket Shelf
  4. On your feet measure and mark at 2 cm and 22.5cm. This is where you will connect both feet with each other. DIY Basket ShelfDIY Basket Shelf
  5. Using the spade bit in the drill, drill holes where you made all the marks (12 holes in total: 8 in the legs and 4 in the feet). This is where your dowel will slide through and connect your legs and connect your feet with each other.DIY Basket ShelfDIY Basket Shelf
  6. OPTIONAL STEP – If you like, you can also round up the edges of the planks using a router DIY Basket Shelf
  7. Connect the legs with the feet by using a screw (ensure the screw is long enough to connect the two pieces)DIY Basket Shelf
  8. Cut the dowels into the length of the baskets plus the width of the wood planks and then connect both legs with the dowel and then connect both feet with the dowel.DIY Basket Shelf
  9. Once you’ve put all your dowels through the holes, this is what it should look like:DIY Basket Shelf
  10. Use jute robe to tie your baskets to the dowels.DIY Basket Shelf
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