DIY: Pampas Grass Wall

I’ve been wanting to do this DIY project for so long now but due to COVID and the restrictions here in Melbourne it took a while to get the pampas grass. Once I had it, there was no stopping me. I chucked River in his baby carrier and got right into it. I think he actually enjoyed watching his mama creating this beautiful pampas grass wall.
This tutorial is absolutely renter friendly as the hanging strips are made to come off the wall easily. So, no wall damages! Here’s how you do it:


• Pampas grass (cotton optional) (you can find them on Etsy if not in nature)
Glass test tubes (here)
• Narrow picture hanging strips (here) or (here)
• Ruler
• Pencil

  1. Cut your pampas grass (and cotton) into desired length. Then cut the hanging strips into about 1cm long pieces.DIY Pampas grass wall
  2. Measure your wall and mark where you want your test tubes to go. I put a mark 44cm apart from each other in length and 61cm apart in height.
    DIY Pampas grass wall
  3. Stick the hanging strips to the top of your test tubes. Press each strip on tubes for 30 seconds.
    DIY Pampas grass wall
  4. Remove the other side of liners and stick to the wall where you set the marks. Press gently to wall for another 30 seconds.
    DIY Pampas grass wallDIY Pampas grass wall
  5. Once all your test tubes are on the wall you can insert the pampas grass and cotton.
    DIY Pampas grass wall
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