Why most of the sponsored posts on Instagram don’t convert

Whenever I scroll through Instagram and see those sponsored posts, most of the time I can only shake my head. I’m not talking about sponsored posts where blogger cooperate with brands. I am talking about those posts where you pay to increase your reach, to attract more people to your website or to get more likes/followers etc.
I shake my head because obviously the person who created this ad a) does not know anything about placing an effective ad and b) did not put any effort into research.
The other day, I saw a sponsored post of a girl (full-body picture) with the caption “What a beautiful day! Whishing you a happy sunday!”.
I skipped the ad.

Be in contrast to other posts.

First of all because the picture was not interesting at all. Second, the caption was not only boring but also didn’t have added value. So, why should someone like this picture?
It’s not that I’m stingy with my likes, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like liking posts that I don’t like in actual fact and I also don’t want people to think their post is great when it’s actually.. not. That won’t allow them to grow and get better.

Anyways, there can be many reasons why your Instagram ads aren’t converting, whether you’re a brand or a blogger. Some of them might be:

  • The picture is not eye-catching. We decide in a split second whether we find something interesting or not. If it doesn’t catch attention (colors, scenery, mood), it’s already forgotten before we scroll to the next post. When creating an ad, make sure the picture/video you’re posting stands out. Be creative!
  • No added value. As I mentioned above, whishing someone a happy day might be nice but it doesn’t really add value to my life. If you want me to visit your Instagram profile or your website – give me a reason! My time is precious. Sentences like “How to..” or “10 reasons to/why..” tend to work quite well.
  • Ad is too professional. Instagram, like YouTube, is a sea of user-generated content. The traditional clean, white look of an airbrushed ad isn’t visually compelling. On Instagram, where colors and motion pop off the screen, users are looking for the extraordinary.
  • No story. Instagram users aren’t just looking at pictures. They’re looking for pictures that tell stories. The story can be funny, aspirational or action-packed. This is really the art of Instagram: transforming photography into stories that have a deeper meaning for the viewer. Don’t be afraid of trying something new and go for the extraordinary!
  • Wrong target group. Identify your target group and create content that corresponds with it. If you want to increase the sale of high class cars, you don’t want your target group to be 18-24 years old, they usually can’t afford them. Also, make sure you choose the right social media channel. Is your target group more likely on Instagram or Twitter? This will have an influence on the ad you’re creating..
  • Wrong timing. A social media scientist has determined that most people tend to read blogs in the mornings and that Mondays and Tuesdays are the most popular sharing days. Blog posts tend to get most shares on Pinterest and LinkedIn on Mondays while the best day to post and get the most shares on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is Tuesday. To tailor these findings to your blog, you need to establish your goals and study your past posts to determine their performances at different times.

These are just a few reasons why your ads might not convert, but if you pay attention to them and adjust the content, you’ll be a game changer!