Spice up your business look

There are those two sides of me, the one where I love wearing comfy jeans and sneakers and the other one where I can’t wait to dress up. Either way, I like to spice up my outfits a little bit instead of going with the flow.

I really love classic business looks, but sometimes they just don’t do it. I had this faux leather skirt I bought at Forever21 a few years ago, so this was the base and I created a look around it. By the way, this is how I always put my outfits together. Pick a centerpiece and create a look around it!
Since it was quite cold that day, I decided to go with boots instead of heels, which gave my look a rocking touch. I didn’t like that I kind of looked chubby with the blazer on, so I tied a belt around my waist to make it more form-fitting. I love this belt tying trend as you can spice up so many outfits with it! Take any simple coat, tie an eye-catching belt around your waist and it has a totally different appearance! Same works with pants instead of the skirt. It’s a bit more feminine as the belt gives you a shape.

What do you think about the belt tying trend? Yay or Nay?