10 Party Saving Tips

As an event manger, I hear the words “out of the budget” more often than I say I’m hungry – and that’s a lot! My job is to understand what my customers want and get the best out of the budget. Whether you’re planning to organize a private party or a corporate event – there’s something you all think about: how to save money! Therefore, I’d like to give you some tips on how to organize a party on a budget!

  1. Don’t rule out unpleasant locations. They might look ugly at the beginning but you can do a lot with the right decoration! And – they’re usually quite cheap! Also, if the location you want is out of your budget, don’t be afraid to barter!
  2. Do It Yourself. Speaking of decoration, there is so much you can do by yourself! If you need inspiration, check out Pinterest. There are tons of amazing diy decor projects! Just type in diy decor and you’re all set.
  3. Ask for help. You won’t be able to do it all by yourself, so ask family and friends for help. You can “pay” them with a small gift and save a lot of money that way. There are always people who’d love to help you.
  4. Use a food & beverage calculator. There are several food and beverage calculator you can use to calculate the amount of food and drinks you’ll need for a specific number of guests. This will save you from overbuying and wasting money & food.
  5. Prepare food by yourself. Professional catering is quite expensive. If you decide to have finger food at your party, go with easy recipes and make them by yourself. It’s all in the details, meaning if you pay attention to the decoration of the food, you can make anything look amazing! Here also, go to Pinterest and search for finger food ideas.
  6. Save money on invitations. Pinterest is the solution for pretty much everything 😀 If you search for free printables, you’ll find lots of invitation layouts you can use for your invitation. This way you won’t have to spend money on a graphic designer.
  7. Borrow what you don’t have. When it comes to furniture, you can either rent it from a furniture rental company or ask your family and friends if they can borrow you chairs, tables, decor etc.
  8. Find a sponsor. Depending on your party, you might have the option of getting a sponsor. If it’s an corporate event, there might be other companies that would be interested in investing in your party if they get something in return. Especially local companies are proper for collaborations.
  9. No DJ or band. If you don’t have money for a DJ or band, don’t fret! Create you own playlist or stream free music with the pandora app for example. Pandora lets you decide which type of music you prefer to hear for the party, and then you just let it run, or if you have your favorite music downloaded, then just play that.
  10. Book early. Whether it’s the venue, the furniture or whatever else you’d like to rent, make sure you book early since it gets more expensive the more short-dated it is.

You might have noticed: saving money automatically means more work but it’s still manageable if you have a schedule you stick to! Nothing comes from nothing!

Let me know if you find these tips helpful or not and how your party went! I’d love to know!

party saving tips